Do you find it hard to deliver your projects on time?

It might be because your teams don’t get the correct picture of the systems they are building or integrating with.

Unregarded what kind of project management tool you are using or what kind of team is at your disposal, often times I find one of the causes to be lack of proper documentation, be it requirements, specifications or other kind of information that you need to be able to make correct decisions for your application or system at any given moment. It is possible that the system is documented in some way, but all too often the information is spread out in different places. Some of it might be checked in in your version control system, other parts are on a wiki, some documents are on a Sharepoint site that parts of the team don’t have access to, yet others might be in Slack or in Teams. Or even worse on a teammate’s personal hard drive or inbox. Hidden information that could have been important to make correct decisions is a huge problem.

It is very common that requirements and software documentation is not up to the standard of what it could and really should be. This means that every decision that you need to make to deliver a new feature or fixing a bug is not handled in an optimal way. It is not only frustrating but also very inefficient and expensive to not get the whole picture when it’s needed.

Every minute people spend hunting down the correct information is a total waste of valuable resources. Time estimates almost never include the required amount of time needed to go digging for the knowledge that is vital to deliver the project on time.

There is of course a fine balance of what kind of information you should put in a document or not write down at all. It costs money to keep the information up to date where ever it might be placed. But that is not a reason for not putting all your information in one place. Having it in one place will make it a lot easier to keep it updated and keep it concise and coherent.

To always have the exactly right information at your fingertips whenever you need it might be a utopian, but I am sure that there are a lot of things that can be made to improve this area immensely.

Joakim Andreasson
Founder of Docstell

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