Mainspec is now Docstell

We are super excited to relaunch our online service with a totally new look and feel, a new name and a bunch of new features.

We would like to thank you all for the testing you’ve done and for all valuable feedback that we’ve received during the ongoing beta period. 🙏🏼We’ve listened! And we have been implementing some of the most asked for suggestions.

For example you can now use templates that gets you going in a snap. Create private ones or use a standard template.

You can now use markdown in text blocks to format your texts in a really simple and efficient way. This makes it a lot easier to focus on content instead of fiddling with all formatting options in bloated word document processors.

There is a new export mode that exports the documentation tree to be represented by a header level for each node level.

Now you can mention users in comments to let them know that their attention is needed. This will highlight the comment icon at the top of the page for the mentioned user. It will also be a red mark on the browser tab icon that indicates that the mentioned user has unresolved comments.

We have implemented a left side menu to more clearly separate private and shared nodes. We now call each tree a workspace. If the whole workspace is shared it shows up under “Shared workspace”. If a node in a private tree is shared that is indicated by a green colour circle around the bullet and it is not visible in the “Shared workspace” section.

You can now put an emoji on the workspace or on any node 😀. This shows up in the breadcrumbs and in the left side menu to help you distinguish the workspaces from each other.

If you have not tried Docstell yet we highly suggest that you do! We will stay in private beta for a while before going into public beta. Just follow this link and you are up and running in no time. Enjoy! ⛵️

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