Slack integration and email notification in Docstell

We recently added a Slack integration to Docstell. This lets you get notified in preferred Slack channel when someone in your team is commenting your documentation. From the message in Slack you get a link back to the node with the comment in Docstell, this makes it convenient to answer the question in the right context and to build up the knowledge base where it should be.

To setup this integration choose Integrations in the node menu and press the “Add to Slack” button.

When commenting any node in the workspace a message is sent to Slack.

This works for shared workspaces, private ones do not have this functionality.

Email notifications

If you don’t use Slack or want to be notified by email we added functionality to mention a user in the comment. Use the @ sign to get a list of users that belongs to the workspace. If this user is not online an email is sent that tells the user that there is a message waiting to be answered. You can configure if emails should be sent in the new user settings dialog.

There will also be a number in the browser tab indicating the number of unresolved comments where you are mentioned. The background color of the comments icon is also changed to yellow. When clicking the comments icon you see the comments pane where it is possible to use the filter to see only the ones where you are mentioned.

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